Food Equipment Every Home Baker Needs For Their Small Cake Decorating Business


When a lot of professional cake decorators start out, it is only financially logical that they initially make their products at home to keep costs low. While the ordinary items you have in your kitchen can cater to the occasional cake-making endeavor as the demand for cakes grows, it is always best if you start investing in some business-worthy food equipment. If you are a cake maker who has your own business making cakes at home, there are a few pieces of kitchen equipment that you really should consider adding to your workspace as your business grows.

6 May 2016

5 Tips To Ramp Up Your Pizza Restaurant's Marketing Campaign


As a general rule, pizza will sell itself. However, it doesn't hurt to make sure that you have a good marketing campaign behind your good pizza. You want to make sure that your pizza restaurant is always at the front of your customers' minds. Here are five tips to help you develop a solid and effective pizza marketing strategy that will make your restaurant a success: 1. Provide Free Pizza-Shaped Magnets to Customers.

4 May 2016

3 Creative Ways To Get Your Kids To Drink More Water


Drinking plenty of water each day is important for grown-ups and children alike. In fact, children who are between the ages of 5 and 8 should drink five glasses of water each day, while kids between the ages of 9 and 12 should drink seven glasses per day. However, sometimes kids aren't as eager to go for water as their parents. Help even the pickiest little ones choose to drink water.

20 April 2016

Two High-Fiber, Vegan Pizza Crust Recipes To Make At Home


There's no doubt that pizza is delicious, but if you're trying to avoid nutrient-depleted white breads, standard crust is not a great choice. To make your pizza more nutritious, start with one of these high-fiber crust recipes. As an added bonus, they're both vegan! Whole Wheat and Flaxseed Crust This rich and nutty crust is delicious when topped with bold, flavorful ingredients like roasted red peppers and onions. Its soft texture will remind you of regular, white pizza crust.

11 April 2016