Culinary Tricks When Cooking For Seniors


Catering for seniors can be a fun experience. Seniors often do not have the opportunity to cook the type of meals that they would like to eat. However, if you are going to cook for seniors, it is important to understand which type of meals work best for them:


The most important part of catering for seniors is communication. Some seniors may not be able to consume certain foods due to medical concerns. A senior may struggle to chew and may need something that is easier to eat. A senior may have medications that interact with his or her medications. Have a meeting with the seniors and write down any restrictions. The great thing about catering is that by offering several options, seniors can choose food items that are less likely to make them ill. Also, ask them what they want.

Choose Options That Are Easier To Chew

Seniors often struggle to eat, especially with false teeth, and choking is a common hazard. Make sure to include soups, stews, braises, and any other soft and moist food. Moist and soft food travels down the throat much easier. Soups are also great for keeping seniors hydrated. 

Swap Unhealthy Ingredients With Healthy Substitutes

Your seniors may want options on the menu that are not very good for them. That doesn't mean that you can't spoil them while also keeping the menu healthy. Identify which ingredients on the menu are not healthy for seniors and replace them with healthier substitutes. For instance, replace sugar with honey to sweeten a meal. Also, white beans can be pureed as a substitute for the cream found in soups. Whenever possible, add whole wheat, rather than white bread, because it is more nutritious. 

Eliminate Salt

One of the most troublesome ingredients for seniors is salt. Fortunately, there are many other ingredients that can improve the flavor of the meal without adding salt. Visit the spices section of a grocery store to find spices. Use low sodium sauces. Citrus, vinegar, and ginger are also effective. Try to keep the number of ingredients involved limited to avoid including an ingredient that one senior may not be able to eat.

The easiest way to cater for seniors is to hire a food service management company that has experience catering for seniors. The more information that you provide the company about the tastes and medical considerations of the seniors, the better.

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17 September 2017

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