Food Equipment Every Home Baker Needs For Their Small Cake Decorating Business


When a lot of professional cake decorators start out, it is only financially logical that they initially make their products at home to keep costs low. While the ordinary items you have in your kitchen can cater to the occasional cake-making endeavor as the demand for cakes grows, it is always best if you start investing in some business-worthy food equipment. If you are a cake maker who has your own business making cakes at home, there are a few pieces of kitchen equipment that you really should consider adding to your workspace as your business grows. 

1. Commercial-Grade Stand Mixer - From concocting large batches of buttercream icing to kneading rolled fondant, there is no way a typical mixer will stand up to the heavy lifting that will be requires as your customer base grows. Invest in a good sturdy commercial-grade stand mixer and you will never look back at your regular version. These mixers are designed for everyday use and are much more capable of mixing stiff icings and large batches of product. 

2. Upright Freezer - If a customer orders a cake well in advance, you will have plenty of time to do all of the baking and decorating. However, as your orders start to accumulate, tackling both the baking and decorating of several cakes can be a major feat for sure. If you have an upright freezer for storage, you can bake cake layers, cupcakes, and even pastries in advance, wrap them well, and simply thaw them when you get ready to start decorating. 

3. Airbrush Equipment - While you can achieve a lot of popular looks in pastry art with just food coloring by tinting frosting in different colors or even painting color directly onto cakes, it is always better if you have airbrush equipment. Airbrush equipment designed for decorators is created to work with food coloring without splattering to give you a myriad of decorating options without the trouble of mixing various colors of icing. 

4. Fondant Rolling Machine - To get that all-so-desirable perfected finish on wedding and celebration cakes, you already know that fondant is the way to go. While rolling enough fondant to cover a cake on occasion may be no big deal, if you have to do this several times a day, it can be quite the challenge. Invest in a good fondant rolling machine, which seamlessly transforms a lump of fondant into a sheet of your chosen thickness. 


6 May 2016

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