5 Tips To Ramp Up Your Pizza Restaurant's Marketing Campaign


As a general rule, pizza will sell itself. However, it doesn't hurt to make sure that you have a good marketing campaign behind your good pizza. You want to make sure that your pizza restaurant is always at the front of your customers' minds. Here are five tips to help you develop a solid and effective pizza marketing strategy that will make your restaurant a success:

1. Provide Free Pizza-Shaped Magnets to Customers.

Many people throw business cards out or they get lost. However, refrigerator magnets actually may get stuck where they belong: on the fridge. So when one of your customers looks in their fridge at their selection of food – or lack thereof – and finds the contents of their fridge unappealing, your pizza-shaped magnet will be one of the first things that they see when they close the door. It will immediately give them an alternative that is easy to get in touch with.

2. Develop a Punch Card System.

Who doesn't enjoy a free pizza every now and then? By developing a punch card system, you are going to make customers want to come in as much as possible. Once customers have their punch card completely filled up, they'll receive that free pizza – but only once their card is completely punched out. So for that reason, they'll visit your restaurant more frequently so they can get their hands on that free pizza.

3. Give Back to Your Local Community.

One of the most effortless forms of marketing in today's day and age is word-of-mouth, and one of the best ways to get it is by giving back to your community. Some excellent ideas of doing this are to donate food to community picnics, school fundraisers and similar charitable events in your local area.

4. Always Use Mouth-Watering Images.

Whether on your signage, menu, marketing materials or an advertisement, you need to make sure you utilize mouth-watering images. This includes a golden brown crust, melted cheese and steam rising from the pizza. This imagery entices your customers' appetites and makes them hungry; it makes them want more.

5. Target Children in Any Way Possible.

What was your favorite food as a child? Like most kids today, it was probably pizza. So, it is important that you take the time to consider kids in your marketing campaign. From developing a menu just for kids to offering kids activities in the restaurant, you need to make things kid-friendly to get kids and their parents inside the door. You can have a small arcade, bring in a balloon artist or consider alternative kid activities. Just get creative.

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4 May 2016

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